Imagine a place where education is founded on a philosophy of peace and rooted in human values free from standardized tests, timetables and constraints; where learning happens in a place of discovery and purpose that supports your child from infancy through adulthood. 

About the Absorbent Mind Project

The Absorbent Mind Project is rethinking, redefining and reshaping what school is, while exemplifying excellence in education; cultivating creativity, diversity of talents and a global perspective. It will combine education, families and community with a proven pedagogy.


Through the Absorbent Mind Project, Blue Ridge Montessori will be a school that empowers children to become who they naturally are; empowered to love learning, empowered to be themselves, empowered to realize their individual talents, empowered to deeply respect and see the interconnection with each other, humanity and the environment.


We envision a new community campus serving children aged 0-18 years and their families. It will be an extension of Blue Ridge Montessori Schools existing elementary, preschool, and infant/toddler programs with the addition of a middle school, high school, parent/community education center and Montessori teacher training facility.


Our ultimate ambition is to raise $10 million to wholly fund this project. We are currently in the planning phase of this one-of-a-kind educational facility that will encompass almost 18 acres in the heart of Virginia.

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